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Posted on 09 Dec 2019


RetailersApp is an aggregator. Now the question is what it aggregates and why?

RetailersApp aims to aggregate aspirations of Millions of small retailers, thousands of Distributors and Brands working in traditional general trade. It works on principles of #MajbootRetailer = Majboot Bharat. It also believes strongly in a technological disruption that will not replace any existing player in the ecosystem but will eradicate inefficiencies in general trade and make it a robust platform enabling better earning for all. Brands (Large / Medium / Small) can list their products on RetailersApp which are made visible to all the retailers of select geography along with full features, prices, and schemes. #Kirana shops / #Retailers can order those products in desired quantities at any point of time 24X7. These orders are then directed to existing distributors of general trade who then supply these goods to Retailers and collect payment. Now brands get full knowledge about these orders starting from clicks, secondary booking, secondary sales and quality of service provided. On overview, it appears that this process will run on its own and there will be no need of Brand’s salesman anymore. But this is far from reality. RetailersApp not only will ensure continued employment for all field sales executives of Brands but also it will bring better earning prospects for them.
RetailersApp being a #B2B App offers a common platform where multiple brands are listed. RetailersApp also has its own field sales executive but that team’s main objective is to train retailers on how to use the application, how to use its features and share generic knowledge about products. A lot of intelligence will be generated in this process which is of very high value for any brand and it's sales team. Let's discuss some major areas where the scope of improvement will be made evident. 

A- Basket improvement
B- Conversion of sleeping Retailers
C- Push for thrust/focus SKU’s of brand
D- Assessment of service offered by the channel partner.
E- Display of POP at more focussed counters.
F- Resolution of claim/ Support issue


         A- Basket improvement

Kirana shop having good sale but less SKU spread- useful to identify Basket Improvement.

Now, as brands have full visibility of secondary order booking and sales, it will be very easy for them to identify those retailers who are dealing with only a few products and are not dealing with many other products of their Basket. Once a brand gets a qualified list of such retailers who are dealing with its limited products, it's salesmen can visit those retailers and motivated and explain to them about advantages and features of other SKU's and can improve Basket coverage of the retailers.


  B- Conversion of sleeping Retailers

Report showing monthly sale which will help in identifying sleeping Retailers.

RetailersApp is having a huge database of active retailers. RetailersApp tries to expose all products to all retailers but many a time we come across different reasons why retailers are not keeping products of a specific brand. Such a list can be escalated to the brand team for their expert intervention and conversion. Similarly, RetailersApp accumulates a lot of other relevant information also. Data intelligence can highlight the names of such retailers that were active earlier but now they are not buying products of a specific brand. Such a list can be shared with the brand sales team so that they can visit them and convert them from sleeping to productive counter.


C- Push for thrust/ Focus SKU's of the brand- 

This  Report indicates Retailer wise SKU sales to identify Thrust SKU's performance.Each brand is having many SKU’s. Out of these, some SKU’s have good market acceptance and sale automatically in the market. Most of the time, such SKUs are having good market demand but due to severe market competition, brands get very less margin on them.





This report indicates active retailer count for different products. Helpful in identifying scope of improvement for required SKU's.

From Profitability and future growth point of view, every brand has some focus SKU’s and brand expect to get more sales from such SKU’s than other SKU. RetailersApp provides information about such counters which are connected with Brand but are not buying justifiable Focus SKU’s. Brand’s sales team can then approach those retailers and get booking for focus SKU’s with their expert skills. 



D- Assessment of service offered by the channel partner

Every reputed brand has an objective to provide the best service to its retailers and customers through its channel partner. However, as geography and operations increase, control reduces.

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RetailersApp provides an option to the retailers where they can rate distributors and product. From this RetailerApp data intelligence, brands know about those retailers who are not happy with their channel partners or products. RetailersApp also provides the information of booked order, order delivery, delivery speed, rejected and canceled orders. This information helps brands to identify retailers and distributors who can be visited by the brand sales team and overall customer experience can be improved.


E- Display of POP at more focussed counters.

Sachamoti POP at a Productive Counter

Some retailers order many SKU’s on a regular basis while some other retailers are such that they order less SKU but in good quantity. This information helps Brands to identify loyal and potential retailers to display specified POP’s. If brands use POP material, display stands on these counter, they will get better mileage than mileage of displaying POP at a normal counter. With such a focussed approach, the brand’s sales team will be able to reach its end customers in a better way. There are many more use cases that highlight areas where the Brand sales team get benefited from specific inputs and action items provided by RetailersApp data intelligence. RetailersApp endeavors to provide top class intelligence to even small and medium brands in #FMCG and #Grocery segment so that they can also grow faster. We look forward to your comments or queries in this regard for further discussion.

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