RetailersApp - App for Retailers Released!

Posted on 20 Aug 2019


RetailersApp is proud to announce the launch of our application on Google play store on 4th of August 2018. It is a B2B application which is connecting Retailers to Brands directly but still maintaining their deep routed relations with Distributors and Stockists. In India, there are about 13 Million estimated retailers most of whom working in tier 2 and 3 cities. They take goods from Distributors, Stockists, whole sellers etc without even getting a chance to interact with brands and Brands also sell goods worth Billions of Rs every month without ever knowing any input about star retailers and secondary sales. RetailersApp aims to bring Brands, Retailers, and Distributors on one platform for their mutual growth.


From the start of service in the market, RetailersApp is getting a very good response from the brands like Silver Coin, Apsara Tea,  Mazic cleaning products, Guruji Thandai and Squashes, Ram Bandhu, Base Detergents, Arihant and many more. These all brands are already live on app and pipeline seems robust with Madhuri oil, Jo rose, Doy cares etc to arrive soon. 



RetailersApp is getting very good support and response from retailers. Immediately after launch, goods worth more than Rs 25000 are being sold every day and soon a the first milestone of the sale of more than Rs 1 lakh every day will be achieved.


The app can be downloaded on google play store with name "RetailersApp"

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