RetailersApp Meet (15th April’19)

Posted on 02 May 2019


After a very fruitful and engaging event in February, RetailersApp conducted yet another interactive meet for its stakeholders- the leading retailers, distributors and the brands at Brilliant Convention Centre Indore on 15th Apr’19.  It was really an eloquent as well as insightful session.


We started the event with the national anthem followed by a brief introduction by our respected co-founders Mr Sanjeev Jain and Mr Bhagyesh Dwivedi. Along with the team members, our guests for the event- retailers & brands also introduced themselves and shared their experience of using RetailersApp.  We witnessed the participation of retailers from a wide range starting from newcomers to those who are in business since decades.


RetailersApp runs multiple schemes for the benefit of Retailers.  “Laabh Ganga Scheme” and “Facebook Scheme” are two very popular schemes for retailers and all the stakeholders were gathered at the event for general interaction and lucky draw of these schemes.


As the event progressed, RetailersApp co-founder Mr. Sanjeev Jain explained how RetailersApp is dedicated to strengthening traditional mom and pop stores in India, which are known as “Kirana dukans”. He described that RetailersApp is a technology platform that connects retailers, brands, and distributors on the same floor.


In his address, he described the online retail scenario and how RetailersApp has connected more than 90% of the retailers in Indore. Talking about distributors, Sanjeev mentioned that RetailersApp has more than 75 distributors and almost 100 brands available. Along with this, he also shared that RetailersApp has more than 1500  products/SKU for retailers to search, select and order. Brands and Distributors can connect with old as well as new retailers through this app.


He also highlighted the social and economic challenges faced by retailers, Brands and Distributors from modern retail/e-commerce such as irrational costing, deep discounting, faster delivery and private labels to name a few. Points on how RetailersApp is helping the traditional chain were also discussed. Previously retailers faced trouble connecting with distributors and brands for order placements & delivery,  he explained how RetailersApp has changed this scenario.

Mr. Bhagyesh Dwivedi, another co-founder of RetailersApp, continued the session clarifying the schemes, their objectives, reward points systems and its benefits to retailers, distributors, and brands. He explained how Rewards on RetailersApp are similar to “Drip Irrigation” with their focused approach and optimum utilization of resources. He also explained that RetailersApp does not change the present system but it intends to strengthen the existing system.


While Brands shared their experiences, One of the key benefits reported was better connectivity with retailers. Brands such as “Guruji” came up with their scheme for retailers. Many brands also shared that RetailersApp not only benefits retailers but provide a massive advantage to the brands who are at the regional level by supplying with statistical data that helps in growing their brand and allow better connection with retailers and distributors. One of the brands was so impressed by the real-time analysis and other features of RetailersApp that they expressed their interest if RetailersApp can connect their retailers located in other cities.


Mr Shailendra Chouhan, sales head of “Mazic” surprised everyone with his feedback about RetailersApp. He mentioned that in Indore, earlier they had only about 350-400 productive counters through their distributors but after using RetailersApp they were stunned by the number of potential counters as it turned out to be more than2500.


RetailersApp experts also addressed delivery time and payment collection issue raised by one of the distributors. The participants of the event shared the following benefits they received after using RetailersApp:

  • An increased range of products

  • Reasonable rates with better schemes

  • Reduced delivery time with better visibility

  • Any time order (24x7) facility

  • Exciting Reward program

  • Transparency in rates

  • Better connect with brands & distributors


The session was concluded with the lucky draw for the schemes and the winners received Goa trip, couple night stay in 5 stars, couple dinner in 5 star and bonus reward points.


Brands and distributors realize the importance of such events and hence to leverage this opportunity they have set up their stalls at the venue and presented their commercial samples to Retailers.

This entire “RetailersApp Meet” gathered a positive vibe from enthusiasm and participation of the attendees bringing us closer to our motive "Majboot Retailer = Majboot Bharat "


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