PRESS RELEASE: RetailersApp Starts its Formal Functioning in Bhopal

Posted on 19 Feb 2020


Bhopal, 29th January 2020: With the motive of "Mazboot Retailer = Mazboot Bharat", RetailersApp, a specially designed app for retailers, started its formal functioning in Bhopal from today. An informal event on the inauguration was held at Hotel Royal Vilas, in MP Nagar which featured select retailers, distributors and brands along with the developers and promoters of "RetailersApp".

At the launch, brand representatives and retailers introduced themselves and shared their expectations and experience with RetailersApp, while highlighting the app’s key benefit - better connectivity with retailers. Retailers also mentioned that they are now getting options for more products, reasonable prices, attractive schemes and faster deliveries resulting in profits for them.

Mr. Sanjeev Jain, Co-Founder and CEO RetailersApp said, “RetailersApp is dedicated to strengthening traditional mom and pop stores, commonly known as kirana shops in India. RetailersApp brings retailers, distributors, and brands to a common platform and improves their business transactions with the help of technology. It is a commercial (B2B) app available in both Hindi and English languages. "


He further added, “Our goal is to connect and enable Bhopal's retailers with technology. RetailersApp has received tremendous response so far and we plan to expand it to many cities in the future. ” 

Mr. Bhagyesh Dwivedi, Co-founder and Director (Retail) RetailersApp said, “RetailersApp was launched in September 2018 and today more than 4000 products from about 155 brands are available on this app. Approx. 4000 retailers from Indore are connected on this app.  We are focused on enabling retailers to face challenges from e-commerce sites. In Bhopal, we are starting work with about 60 brands and soon around 200 brands will be available on the app. In the first phase, about 3000 retailers of Bhopal will be connected.”

Mr. Bhagyesh Dwivedi further added, “Previously retailers faced troubles in connecting with distributors and brands for product understanding, order placements & delivery, but now RetailersApp has changed this scenario. Brands and Distributors can connect with old as well as new retailers through this app.” 



About RetailersApp

RetailersApp is an online platform which helps retailers purchase products from different brands through the mobile app. It is a technology platform that connects retailers, brands, and distributors on a common floor.  On this app, retailers/traders can study wholesale market prices, discounts, schemes, etc. of products. They can also see many products and their description on this app. RetailersApp run multiple schemes for the benefit of retailers like “Laabh Ganga Scheme” and “Bulk Purchase Scheme”, etc. At present, grocery and FMCG products are available on this app.

On signing up with RetailersApp, attractive signup bonus is provided to retailers. They also get app only special rates, scheme benefits and many types of discounts & bonuses for their benefit.  

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